17th century boys names

A small selection of  unusual boys names that can be found in records in the 17th century.  Some are old names left over from the medieval era, others are religion- inspired names which were a craze of the time. (Names of biblical characters used as names will be the subject of a future post). Others of the names have no obvious explanation for their use and are one-offs.  See an earlier post for some girls 17th century names. More of both in later posts. See our Medieval boy and girl name posts too.

Abdy   Amongstus   Anchor   Arise   Brazier  Celebration   Champion   Coley   Digorie   Direll   Durban   Egeon   Emerick   Experience   Fleetwood   Fruitful   Garvin   Goodwin   Harmon   Hawkey   Holland   Instance   Jepthah  Just    Mercury   Philog   Rotheram   Sandys   Seekpeace  Sona  Thankful   Urian   Venture

Usual names of this period include James,which could also be female, William, John, Richard, which was also female in some areas, Samuel, Ralph , Phillip-also female, Thomas, Adrian -also female, and Henry.