Most Popular Baby Girl Names 2012-Australia / NZ

Updated October 2012. We can bring you this list because of wide scale research by us into baby names given since the first day of 2012. We group the two countries together because of similarity in tastes but will alert you to any names more poplular in one country than in the other. One sample spelling is given for each name. We have however considered all possible variant spellings when assessing any names popularity. This is important to do otherwise you will not truly know how common any name you pick will sound. Most providers of name info do not remember to do this, neither do official stats. All names listed here occur at a frequency of one in three hundred births or more often.  This post will be constantly updated. Info on emerging trends in baby naming is available in another post.  Copyright protected.

Aaliyah  Abbie  Addison  Adele  Amelia  Annabel  Arabella  Ashley  Audrey  Ava  Ayla (more NZ)  Bianca (Australia)  Brooke  Carys (more NZ)  Charlie  Charlotte  Chelsea (Australia)  Chloe  Claudia  Ebony  Edith  Eleanor  Ella  Elodie (more Australian)  Elsie  Emma (especially NZ)  Emily  Erin  Eva  Eve  Evie  Felicity  Georgia  Grace  Hannah  Harper  Hazel  Heidi  Holly  Imogen  Indie  Isabella  Isla  Isobel  Ivy  Jasmine  Jessica  Juliet  Kara  Kayleigh  Keira  Lacey  Lara  Layla  Leah  Lexie  Lilah  Lily  Lola  Lucinda (Australia) Lucy  Mackenzie  Madeleine  Madison  Matilda   Mia  Mikayla  Mila  Milly  Mollie (especially Aust )  Nadia  Natalie (NZ)  Neve  Olive  Olivia  Penelope  Peyton  Phoebe  Pippa  oppy  Portia  Quinn  Poppy Rachel (Australia)  Riley  Rose   Ruby  Samantha  Sadie (NZ)  Sasha (More NZ)  Saskia (Australia) Saylor  Scarlett  Sienna  Sophia  Sophie  Stella  Sylvia  Tara (Australia) Victoria  Violet  Willow  Zahlia (Australia)  Zara  Zoe 

Popular middle names are as above plus:  Alana  Alexandra  Alexandria   Alice  Anne  Beth  Christina  Elise  Elizabeth  Eloise  Emelia  Faith  Faye  Gabrielle  Hope  Jade  Jane  Jasmine  Jean  (especially NZ)  Joan  Jo  Joy  Judith (NZ) June  Kate  Kaye  Lee  Louise  Lyn  Margaret  Marie  Mary (NZ)  May  Michelle  Paige  Patricia  Rae  Renee  Robyn   Ruth  Sage  Sarah  Theresa  Tyla