16th Century Boys Names

Our 17th century and Medieval boys names posts have proved popular so here are some names from a different period. First we give  names that we have found in 16th century English records that would stirke someone today as unusual. Then we give some more familiar names used then. All forms of names here are the spoken forms of the names. Please see the medieval na,mes posts for an explanation of the difference between spoken and written name forms in this period too.

Abdias  Absolom  Accepted Albin   Bennet  Cerdic  Cuthbert  Deny  Eubule  Fabian  Favor  Forsaken  Fremont  Gervaise  Goderd  Golde  Hierom  Ingram  Israel  Justian  Lambert  Much-Mercy  Philbert  Phillipi ( a place in the Bible)  Reginall  Repent  Thurstan  Tobiah Triamer   Udie (seems confined to the West Country) Urian  Valiant  Winson

More familiar names in use:  Alan Alexander   Benedict   Christopher  Conrad  Francis (said Frank-iss)  Gavin  Henry  Hugh  James  Jared  Jason  Justin  Michael  Miles  Orlando  Ralph  Richard (said rick-ard) Solomon  Sylvester  Thomas  Zachariah  William