Most Popular Baby Boy Names 2013 USA and Canada- Predictions

Based on the levels of use and rates of acceleration of different names used in the the USA and English-speaking Canada in the closing months of 2012. Please refer to our 2013 popular name predictions introduction page  for important spelling info etc. We predict that the following names will occur at a frequency of one in 300 births or more often.

Aaron   Adrian  Aiden  Alex  Alexander  Andrew Austin   Bentley  Blake  Bradley   Brantley  Brayden  Brody  Bryson  Caleb    Cameron   Carson  Carter  Cayden  Charles  Christian  Colten  Connor  Corbin  Damien  David  Dominic  Dylan  Eric  Ethan  Evan  Gabriel  Gavin  Greyson  Hayden   Henry  Hudson  Hunter   Ian  Isaiah  Isaac  Jace  Jack  Jacob  Jayden  Jaxon  Jeremiah  Jonathon  Joseph  Joshuah  Jovanni  Julian  Landon  Levi   Liam   Lucas  Luke  Mason  Mathew  Michael  Nathan  Nathaniel   Owen   Parker  Preston   Samuel   Thomas  Tristan  Tucker  William  Wyatt  Zander

For middle names as above plus: Allen  Anthony  Eugene   Franklin   Gage  Joel   John  Joseph  Ray  Scott  Stephen