Upper Class English Names For Girls

The following names are found entirely or mostly in use by upper class English families between the 19th century and the 2010s. The list comes from long research on our behalf. The data here is only relevant to England and only to the time period stated above! Copyright protected.

Adria  Alberta  Alicia  (before the modern day)  Annabella  Arabella (this is changing)  Athena  Aubrey  

Augusta  Augustina Aurelia  Beatrice (after earlier 20th century)  Camilla  Clarice  Cordelia  Cornelia  

Cosima  Cressida  Evadne Evelina   Finella  Henrietta (after the earlier 19th century)  Hermione 

Honoria  Hortense  Hortensia  Horatia   Huberta  Leonore  Lettice  Octavia  Ophelia  Pandora  Penelope 

Persephone  Petronella  Plum  Portia  (before the modern day)  Romilly  Romola  Rosabel  Seraphina 

Thea  Venetia  Vere  Verena  Wilhelmina  Xanthe  Xenia