Popular 2013 African-American Baby Names For Boys (So far!)

Updated  December 2013 {2014 INFO AVAILABLE FROM FEB 14TH 2014!} Based upon our collection of the name details of several thousand African-American baby boys so far this year. All these names are being used at a frequency of one in every 250 African-American male births 2013 or more often. All possible variant spellings are taken into account when calculating any names popularity. For a top 30 in number order please see our name statistics blog at http://www.mostpopnames.blogspot.com/   Both blogs will have regular updates.

Aiden  Alexander  Amari  Amir  Andrew  Anthony  Antoine  Ashton  Austin  Avion 

Brandon  Braxton  Bryan

Caleb  Cameron  Casen  Christian  Christopher  Corey 

Dallas  Darryl  Dashaun  DaVontae  DeAndre  Deon  Drew

Edward   Elias  Elijah  Ethan


Isaiah  Israel

Jace  Jakeem  Javen  Javion  Jaxon  Jaycion  Jayden  Jaylen  Jeremiah  Jesse  John  Joseph  Josiah  Joshua  Jovon 

Kayden  Kendrick  Keontae  Khalif  Khalil  King  Kingston 

Lance  Larry 

Major  Malachi  Markell  Markese  Masiah  Mason  Mekhi  Messiah 

Nathan  Noah 

Prince Princeton


Sebastian  Sir  Stephen 

Timothy  Tyler 


Zachery  Zayden  Zion