Most Popular African-American Girl Names 2013 (So far!)

Updated December 2013 ** 2014 stats now available. Go to February 2014 posts** Based on our collection of the name details of  several thousand African-American baby girls born since the first day of 2013. All the names listed are being at a frequency of one in every 250 African-American female births as a first name -or more often. All possible variant spellings have been taken into account when calculating any names popularity. Official stats fail to do this. 

We will update this post regularly throughout the year. For a top thirty in number order please see our name statistics blog at . Happy reading!

Aaliyah  Addison  Aiden  Alana  Alani  Alaysia  Alyssa  Alyssia  Amari  Amaya  Amiah  Amina  Amira  Aniyah  Aria  Arianna  Ariel  Ashanti  Aubree  Azariah  Azaleah 

Bailey  Brailey 

Caiden  Cambria  Cameryn  Cassandra  Charlie  China  Chloe 

Danica  Destiny  Dynasty

Emma  Emony 


Gabrielle  Grace  Gracie

Harmony  Heaven 

Imani  Izabella 

Jada  Jakyla  Jaliyah  Jamiyah  Janae  Jasmine  Jayla  Jazaria  Jazlyn  Jordyn  Journey 

Kamari  Kamiah  Karime  Kayden  Kaydence  Kayla  Kaylee  Kaylyn  Kelsie  Kennedy  Kenley  Kerrington  Kylie  Kyrie

Laila  Laniyah  Lauren  London  Londyn

Madison  Makayla  Malaysia  Maliah  Maya  Melanie  Michelle  Mila  Miley  Miracle  Morgan  Myla 

Naomi  Naliah  Nariah  Neveah  Nilah  Nyah 

Paige  Paris 


Samayah  Samiyah  Sarah  Sariah  Serenity  Skyler  Sophia  Sophie 

Tamia  Tara  Taylor  Teagen  Thalia  Tia  Trinity 


Zariah  Zia  Zoe  Zuri