Most Popular Baby Girl Names England 2013 (So far!)

Updated late July 2013 Based on our collection of  the name details of a little over 1500 baby girls born in  England since the first day of January 2013.  These names are all being used at a frequency of one in every 250 English female births or more often. All possible variant spellings have been taken into account when calculating any names popularity. Official stats don’t do this so are not too good at telling you how common any name will actually sound.

For a top 25 in number order please see our statistics blog at  . Scottish info will be available from June 2013 on both blogs. Also watch out for posts on middle name info and emerging British trends 2013 in baby naming.

Abbie  Alexandra  Amelia  Amelie  Amy  Ann (from use in double first names)  Annabelle  Ava

 Beatrice  Bella 

Charlie  Charlotte  Chloe 

Daisy  Delilah 

Edie  Eliza  Elizabeth  Ella  Ellie  Elsa  Elsie  Emilia  Emily  Erin  Esme   Eva  Eve  Evie 

Faith  Florence  Francesca  Freya 


Hallie  Hannah  Harper  Harriet  Heidi  Holly 

Imogen  Isabelle  Isla  Ivy 

Jasmine  Jessica  Josephine  Josie 

Katie  Kiera 

Lacey  Lara  Leila  Lexie  Lily  Lois  Lola  Lottie  Lucy  Lyla 

Madison  Maisie  Martha  Mary  Matilda  May  Maya  Megan  Millie  Molly 


Olive  Olivia  Phoebe  Poppy 

Robin  Rose  Rosie  Ruby 

Sadie  Scarlett  Sophia  Sophie 

Thea  Tilly